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The Self Image Solution: Become The Sole Agent of Your Future
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The Self Image Solution

Every minute of your life is too important to be wasted in waiting for your life to get better, too important to be wasted in the boredom, frustration, drugs, alcohol and procrastination as you look for your opening, await your best shot, seek your space to shine, pray for that one big break...



Do You Need The Self Image Solution?
If you have come to an important crossroads in your life; if your life has come to a stop before an unyielding obstacle; if your life has become hobbled by an unbearable burden…

If your goals in life have yet to be met; if your achievements have not satisfied and left you yearning for something more; if you dream of being freed to fulfill the untapped reserve of potential you sense deep within yourself…

Then you need The Self Image Solution – the training program for becoming expert in a proven system of positive and effective decision-making and follow-through that has unburdened the lives of those suffering debilitations based in modern stress situations, and has skyrocketed the lives of those seeking to fulfill inner potential and maximize personal performance levels. This is the program that for so many has become the best guide ever for achieving enlightenment, transformation, lifelong well-being … and happiness.

Are you a teacher … frustrated in your mission to shape lives for the better and feeling forced into being no more than a babysitter or a warden?

There is a solution for ending your frustration and reviving your mission.

Are you a homemaker … stressed to the breaking point in your efforts to secure your family’s safe haven, even as a building storm of societal chaos howls at the front door?

There is a solution for controlling your fears, even as you protect your marriage, your family, and your home.

Are you a business or sales professional … falling behind the curve and developing ulcers as you fight to meet sales quotas, even as you’re denied the needed time and resources with which you could develop and apply your innovative ideas that would revolutionize the business.

There is a solution for dealing with the difficult people and situations that are stifling your personal vision and dead-ending your career.

Are you an artist or athlete … stalled-out at your current level of creativity or personal performance, but still feeling the innate potential for so much more aching to be fully realized?

There is a solution for focusing and building the core of your inner being that will unlock all your personal potential so you can soar to unimagined heights.

Are you a law enforcement officer, or firefighter, doctor or lawyer … committed to giving your all to serving and protecting the best interests of fellow citizens you don’t even know, while your own hopes, needs and desires go unaddressed and unmet?

There is a solution for understanding and strengthening the inner essence of your being that compels you to give of yourself, even as you learn a true love of self that eliminates any need of others’ accolades.

Are you a current or recovering addict, alcoholic or… exhausted and dejected from your futile attempts to get better, but still fanning a small flame of hope that you will find your way out and your way forward?

There is a solution for controlling the core origin of your problem, the stress destroying your life, that will finally set you on the road to lasting recovery and beyond.
Who Will Benefit
The full SIS Experience will be live in November. Featuring the SIS courses to complete, audio lectures, nightly call-in/log-on hour long seminars with Ron based not only on taking the courses effectively but a wide variety of topics each week.

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Who Will Benefit
"I owe my new life to Mr. Martino. He has restored my hope in the human race and left me free to love my life. ...I know now, that whatever goal I set my eyes upon, I will accomplish..."
-Nikole Wilson, Mother and Homemaker

"His program gave us answers with explanations to all of the difficult circumstances in our lives. It has truly been and unbelievable experience. We are so thankful My Martino came into our lives..."
-Michael and Kristine Peer, Police Officer and Wife

"Ron Martino is a rare find. He is someone who has been able to distill the complexity of the human experience into basic principles that can benefit every person. He is the real deal. One person at a time he is making the world a better place to live in."
-Ron Esser, Medical Center C.O.O.

"Mr Martino's program provides the tools for finding happiness and improving the quality of your life." -Dr. Shannon Bertha

Online CoursesComing Soon

The three training courses in The Self-Image Solution offered for downloading cover all the main components that would be covered in personal one-on-one sessions with Ron over 12 – 16 weeks of training. Such personal sessions would conform to a client’s specific needs, whereas the three-part comprehensive training offered here on the website is the universal, comprehensive core training. The advantage in downloading the three sections of the course is that the online client can set his or her own pace in the training and completion of the training.

Course One

“Understanding Being Alive.”

The Roots of Unhappiness and Failure and the Blueprint for Happiness and Success  (more info)

Course Two
Course Two

“The Foundation Values (or Baby Values)”

The First Ten Tools For Building the Self-Image (by Making Positive Decisions and Taking Positive Actions in Positive Effort)  (more info)

Course Three
Course Three

“The Finishing Values”

The Advanced Tools for Building Control, Direction and Purpose in Your Life and Achieving & Preserving Happiness and Lifelong Well-Being.  (more info)

Event Calendar

Self Image Solutions Seminar
Date: March, 26, 2015
Time: 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Ocean Co. College Campus
Gateway Bldg, Lecture Hall
Toms River, NJ

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