Self Image Solutions

About Ron Martino

Ron Martino is the creator The Self-Image Solution, his now legendary program for training individuals in the understanding and proper application of positive decision-making as a means to overcoming the stress-related inner obstacles and barriers blocking their lives – and the key to unlocking innate potentials and achieving genuine happiness and lifelong well-being.

Ron’s life of service dedicated to improving the lives of those locked in inner personal struggles began with his work as a teacher at a residential school for incorrigible and uneducable children. His students were the kids that the public schools had given up on and were refusing to make any more attempts to teach. He became the virtual administrator of the school, feeding the children as well as teaching them, taking them on day trips into the surrounding communities rather than subjecting them to empty weekends of no activities. It was around this time that he began comforting the terminally ill in preparation for their impending final passage, a service for which he has remained in great demand to this day. For four summers he also ran a multi-learning disabilities center in Union, New Jersey. The children he worked with were autistic, or perceptionally-impaired, or emotionally-disturbed, or profoundly- or educably-retarded, or slow-learners, or some combination of the aforementioned.

It was during Ron’s years as a High School Vice Principal that he often volunteered to tutor students failing academically, visiting with them and their families in their homes in the evenings. It soon became apparent that the main reason most of the students were failing in their studies had little to do with their intellects and a lot do with their home environments. Ron found himself spending far more time instructing his students and their parents in life problems than in math problems. Word-of-mouth spread of a “Helper” with the ideas and methods for bringing families closer together, and creating an atmosphere for excellence and achievement for students, by lowering the stress and conflict levels in their homes. More and more he received calls from families and individuals who had heard that he was someone who might be able to help – even when other counselors and therapists had failed. Ron’s kitchen table in his family’s home in New Jersey became, almost every evening, a Mecca for personal healing and general life-track advice. The Self-Image Solution is the programmatic codification of everything Ron has learned at that kitchen table over the last twenty years – and that he now makes a life of sharing with others in need of healing, others looking for purpose and direction, others looking to excel in their profession, others looking to finally achieve happiness.

Ron became the Vice Principal of Bishop AHR High School in Edison, New Jersey, in 1984. He also coached the basketball team for six seasons, including guiding the 1981-82 squad to the Middlesex, NJ, Varsity Championship. For seventeen years, at various schools, he coached young men in basketball. In his words: “It wasn’t about training teenaged boys in the finer points of basketball. It was about guiding young men into adulthood, about arming them with self-awareness and a sense of direction and purpose in life. I was witness to the infinite potential in every young person’s heart, just waiting to be called upon, and nurtured, and allowed to turn dreams into near miraculous realities.”

In 2006, Ron was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition of his outstanding record of service to his community. The medal is bestowed by the prestigious National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations as part of their mission to honor and foster tolerance, respect and understanding among the diverse religious and ethnic groups that constitute the heritage and enduring strength of America.

Although speeches and seminars now take him to diverse venues all over America, Ron and his wife, Catherine, still make their home in New Jersey, the same home in which they raised their three children, Lisa, Kim and Ron.