Self Image Solutions

Q: How many people have actually taken this course?
A: Ron Martino has personally instructed thousands of individuals in the core tenets, operational principles and personal tools of his personal training course for almost twenty years. You will find the testimonials of some of his clients available for your perusal on the main menu.

Q: Is Ron Martino a psychologist or psychiatrist or any other kind of licensed counselor?
A: He is none of the above. Ron’s approach to healing is quite the opposite of the systematic probing of past traumatic events that is the sine qua non of those therapies. Ron largely dispenses with the past and instead presents a universal system for living life that is meant to be applied now, this very day! There are a few basic tenets of conduct for early days – which then involve into a comprehensive, nuanced, systematic way of life that transforms negatives in life into positives and results in the achievement and sustenance of ongoing personal growth and wellness.

Q: Will Ron be speaking somewhere in my area any time soon?
A: Check the Events and Appearances section of this website. If you see no listing for an event in your area, e-mail in a request. When enough requests are generated in any area of the country, a speaking engagement or seminar is usually scheduled as soon as possible, and those who e-mailed their interest are contacted about the event they helped in creating.

Q: Is Ron available for personal one-on-one training?
A: Ron reserves a portion of his time to make sure he can continue to always conduct one-on-one personal training sessions. Please send us an email.