Self Image Solutions

The three training courses in The Self-Image Solution offered for downloading cover all the main components that would be covered in personal one-on-one sessions with Ron over 12 – 16 weeks of training. Such personal sessions would conform to a client’s specific needs, whereas the three-part comprehensive training offered here on the website is the universal, comprehensive core training. The advantage in downloading the three sections of the course is that the online client can set his or her own pace in the training and completion of the training.

COURSE ONE: The Fundamentals

“Understanding Being Alive.”
The Roots of Unhappiness and Failure and the Blueprint for Happiness and Success

LESSON ONE: Letting Go of the Past.
LESSON TWO: The Low Self-Image Equation: Stress = Symptoms = Unhappiness.
LESSON THREE: The Self –Image.
LESSON FOUR: The “How-To” of Self-Image.
LESSON FIVE: A Core Statement for Life.
LESSON SIX: The Steps of the Ascent: “The Small Ladder”
LESSON SEVEN: The Imperative of Loving Yourself.
LESSON EIGHT: Understanding Your True Will.
LESSON NINE: Thinking is Not Worrying.
LESSON TEN: Being and Becoming is Doing.

This first course introduces all the main concepts, principles and “rules” of The Self-Image Solution. This is the “how-to” explanation of how it all works. The student of this program can begin “working” his or her training from the very first lesson, but the main impetus of the first course is to ground the client in certain conceptions of life, living, and loving that, once fully internalized, will provide the launch-pad for the skyrocketing in progress to be achieved once the “tools” in the subsequent courses are presented for daily implementation. The first course instructs in everything you need to know about building your self-image (the key to alleviating the symptoms flowing from stress-originating debilities, as well as the engine for self-enlightenment, personal growth, performance maximization and attaining happiness) through the power of positive decision-making and positive actions in positive effort.

COURSE TWO: The "Baby Values"

“The Foundation Values (or Baby Values)”
The First Ten Tools For Building the Self-Image (by Making Positive Decisions and Taking Positive Actions in Positive Effort )

LESSON ONE: The Value of Enthusiasm.
LESSON TWO: The Value of Cooperation.
LESSON THREE: The Value of Loyalty.
LESSON FOUR: The Value of Friendship.
LESSON FIVE: The Value of Industriousness.
LESSON SIX: The Value of Intentness.
LESSON SEVEN: The Value of Initiative.
LESSON EIGHT: The Value of Alertness.
LESSON NINE: The Value of Self Control.
LESSON TEN: The First Summary.

The second course introduces, explains and then instructs in the proper and effective application of the universal values that serve as “the tools” for implementing or “working” the Self-Image Solution system for living learned in Course One. These values are the main tools with which you will be able to meet and triumph over stress situations by knowing which tools to apply to turn around any negative impulse or situation in order to get the best possible positive result. You will not only immediately begin living a starkly different – more positive, better functioning, and happier – type of life, but you will, with every positive decision and action, be building your inner self-image, and thus ensuring your continuing personal growth toward genuine direction and purpose in life – and real happiness.

Ideally, the lessons should be read on a one-per-week schedule, but in this downloadable form, it’s really up to the client. The reason for the interim week is to allow time for the practitioner of the program to internalize each lesson and incorporate each new tool into daily functioning. Clients are instructed to maintain a nightly journal for recording their significant interactions of each day – as a sort of running self-analysis of how well they are making progress in working the program. More time between lessons allows more thoughtful applications of positive decision-making and positive action-taking during the day and more insightful journal recordings of these interactions each night.

COURSE THREE: Achieving Greatness

“The Finishing Values” The Advanced Tools for Building Control, Direction and Purpose in Your Life and Achieving & Preserving Happiness and Lifelong Well-Being.

LESSON ONE: The Value of Spirit.
LESSON TWO: The Value of Skill.
LESSON THREE: The Value of Condition and Understanding Setbacks.
LESSON FOUR: The Second Summary.
LESSON FIVE: The Value of Confidence.
LESSON SIX: The Value of Poise.
LESSON SEVEN: The Third Summary.
LESSON EIGHT: Greatness.
LESSON NINE: The Final Summary.
LESSON TEN: The Value of Patience.
LESSON ELEVEN: The Value of Success.
LESSON TWELVE: The Magic Formula.

The third course is for clients of The Self-Image Solution who have already established a vastly improved level of personal functioning and performance through working the program, and are well on their way to discovering their true direction and purpose in life – and are with each new day becoming more independent, happier and loving of themselves. They are becoming positive action role models by growing their self-image with every positive decision and positive action in every moment of their day.

The “Finishing Values” are the “advanced tools” for working the program with real skill and finesse. By this point in the program, the client should have more than a general knowledge of the life-concepts, methods and tools of the program and be well on the way to utilizing those components, in concert, in every minute, in every situation or conundrum, of his or her day. These finishing values are really more about the boundless pleasures and discoveries of continuing to faithfully grow in working the program, to continuing to build up the self-image – and not just go on “auto-pilot” once a level of “normal functioning” or a certain performance goal has been attained. There are real revelations and epiphanies to be had once you’ve reached the level of having “become able to follow the will of your spirit.” This is when the real “magic” begins – be it a genuinely metaphysical transformation and transcendence, or just a state of elevated mental, moral and physical awareness that feels like it. This should be the true goal of a client of The Self-Image Solution – to go beyond a mere healing from the psychic wounds and depredations of this stress-poisoned world, as great a blessing as that is, and to reach for and achieve and maintain what should be every human being’s birthright: the ability to live in a state of greatness, to live in a state of true prayer, to be able to meditate all day long with one’s eyes open, to be able to know the true direction and purpose to follow in life through connection with one’s own spirit … and always, always, to be a happy person.